The first NFT sunglasses brand

What is RayVerse ?

RayVerse is an Italian designed sunglass company joining the NFT boom with a unique 5.000 piece collection of different rarity levels.

Passionate about new technologies, fashion, and everyday utility objects, the RayVerse Team decided to combine all of it and launch the first purchasable sunglasses brand in the Metaverse.

At RayVerse we also value physical objects, and this is why the company is not only focused in the Metaverse. Indeed, by minting an NFT on our platform you will receive a pair of sunglasses to wear in real life! Yes, you’ll be able to dress like your avatar!

It’s time for you to join our exclusive club and fund the creation of the first sunglasses shop both in the Metaverse (Sandbox & Decentraland) as well as in the Web2.0!

Meet our fabulous RayVerse Team

LiliVerse is the community manager.
Active on Twitter, Discord and IG she will keep you up to date on every news and giveaways.
Lead Designer
TryVerse is the mastermind behind RayVerse's design. He has years of experience working on complex projects.

Roadmap 1.0

Building RayVerse community & NFT launch

NFT collection launch and creation of sunglasses wearable by your avatar in the metaverse

Building our first metaverse stores

We will buy lands in different metaverse's (Sandbox, Decentraland, NetVRK) to create the best virtual shopping experience for our sunglass store

Web 2.0 webshop deployment for the collectible

Our webshop becomes accessible and buyers will have the opportunity to purchase our physical sunglasses collection

Quest & Games

Exclusive access to special quest in the metaverse with big prizes to win!

Details and FAQ

How is the collection generated ?

TryVerse has designed 100 different pairs of amazing sunglasses. Those sunglasses are then placed on a unisex mannequin and the combinaison of the sunglasses with different backgrounds, accessories and skin tone will algorimitcally generate 5000 unique 3D pixel art images.

When will the mint be available?

The first objective of our RoadMap is to build a strong and passionate community. When the community is ready, we will enable the minting phase and quickly after, the webshop will be accessible. 

How will I be able to redeem my physical pair of sunglasses?

Each RayVerse NFT will be linked to a pair of sunglasses wearable in the real world. This means you will be able to activate a unique code on our webshop and choose from different models the pair you want to receive. 

When will I be able to redeem the physical pair of sunglasses? 

After the minting phase, we will take our webshop public.

What will the physical pair of sunglasses look like? 

This will be revealed during the launch of the webshop but we can already tell you two things.
First, they will look very similar to the ones from our NFT collection, but some adjustment will be done on certain models to make them foldable and more practical. 
Second, the RayVerse Team like you all, cares about the planet. Thus, the sunglasses will be eco-friendly and made from bio-acetate. We are already in contact with our supplier in Italy. 

Can I buy a pair on the Webshop without owning an NFT? 

The simple answer is Yes!
Minting an NFT during our launch will grant you a free pair of physical sunglasses but anyone that does not own an NFT will also be able to purchase sunglasses on our Webshop. 

What does it means to be a funding member?

Holding a RayVerse first NFT collection will grant you many privileges such as :  
- Access to exclusive sales and discount in our Webshop
- Acess to an incredible quest in our metaverse world with big prizes
- Give your ideas and insights on the follow-up projects
- And many more to come !!

What will be the minting price? 

Presale 1 : 0.08 ETH (100 pieces)
Presale 2 : 0.09 ETH (100 pieces)
Final release : 0.1 ETH (4800 pieces)